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Welcome to DICA

Located in the center of a small city and with a very diverse range of companies, DICA was born to answer the challenges that the Região do Douro proposes to accomplish in the next few years. DICA dedicates to producing, developing and assisting in specific computing apps in various departments that work on. In this case, to begin its journey in the digital world, the company has launched its first independent product: the app OnDICA.


DICA offers to is clients a wide range of services.

Web Development

DICA is specialized in the creation of WEB Sites and mobile applications. It counts with a team that graduated in computing engineering, communication, and media to go against the demands of it's clients.

Responsive Design

To create a consistent report, all the products developed are responsive, in other words, depending on the device that the user opens the plataform, the app adapts itself automatically.

Creative Design

The design is from the team who created the content that after requesting the project dedicate themselves to creating an organized enviroment.


After the project is done the support time is available 24/7 to solve any issue that may come last minute.

Web Consulting

If after the work is done the work expectations weren't achieved, the consulting team draws a marketing plan to accomplish their expetations.

Graphic Design

For this to be possible the graphic design team creates a tale connected to the client to leave him more familiarized with the setting of the project.


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